Why I am not Always Sincere

Tyler Cowen imagines a chess game, where the human race plays an alien race for our survival. How should we decide what moves to play? Tyler proposes a group of 4 Super-GMs with access to a range of computer programs. My comment was as follows:

I propose that we have a group of chess experts who would be responsible for deciding the procedures under which the moves would be carried out. These procedures could be very specific or very general, it would be for the experts to decide. The Expert Group would be divided into two sections – a General Group of about 400 experts, and a Senior Group of about 100 experts, and procedures would have to be accepted by both groups to be approved.

There would also be one Super-Expert, who would be responsible for implementing the procedures, and would be able to employ huge teams of staff running the computers, etc. There would also be a Council of 9 experts to make sure that the Super-Expert was following the procedures properly, and that the Expert Group were passing proper procedures. Unfortunately there aren’t very good standards to judge what it means to pass proper procedures, so the Council of 9 will basically make stuff up as they go along, but hey, they are experts so it’s all good.

The Council of 9 will be chosen by the Super-Expert, subject to approval by the Expert Group. Both the Super-Expert and the Expert Group will be elected by popular vote. There will be campaigns run encouraging everyone to participate in these votes, even if they know nothing about chess.

This is so obviously the best way of playing a chess game that we will soon expand it to the entire public sphere.


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