Why I am not TJIC

Borepatch is running a campaign in support of fellow blogger TJIC – no, I can’t link to his blog, because it’s been taken down. Essentially, TJIC’s firearms licence has been suspended because he posted “1 down and 534 to go” on his blog, regarding the shooting of US Congressman Gabrielle Giffords. In protest, Borepatch wants fellow bloggers to use the following image to show solidarity:


I’m not sure how I feel. Of course TJIC wasn’t making a specific threat – and if the police really thought he was, he should have been arrested. Meanwhile plenty of people have said as much, or worse, about Republican politicians. It certainly looks like selective enforcement of the law, and an attempt to censor unpopular speech.

The problem for me is that, while I don’t like the censorship, I regard the outcome as being benign. One less person owning guns is A Good Thing, and if I had my druthers America would move in the civilised direction of Britain, where police and citizens alike are unarmed. I’m aware that this will mean I am no longer welcome in the American version of the Right Wing Conspiracy, but if I offer them some cream cakes and a nice cup of tea I’m sure all will be forgiven.

So TJIC, I stand by you… in part. I’m afraid that’s as revolutionary as we get in England.


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  1. Long delay in reply, but I’m wondering if the recent riots have changed your opinion of “Civilized” Britain, or of the unarmed police’s ability (or desire) to protect people?

    I’m not trolling, I’m curious. I used to live near Lightwater, and our favorite pub was the Half Moon in Windlesham. This was back in 1996.


    • Posted by I am not... on October 11, 2011 at 8:15 am

      I didn’t say Britain was civilised! Merely that our policy of unarmed police is.

      Do the riots change my view of anything? Not really. The police had more than adequate tools at their disposal. The problem was that they didn’t feel able to use them. If the police had had guns it would have been the worst of all worlds, because most of the police would have been just as reluctant to act, but there would have been a couple of rioters shot – immediate martyrs for the human rights brigade.

      I don’t want to blame the police too much though. The problem is the legal/political environment that disempowers them. Ian Tomlinson etc.


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