Rationality and Irrationality

Posted by villageidiom at BBTF:

Over the years I’ve become a big believer that, except in cases of dementia, what we perceive as irrational behavior is actually rational behavior informed from a different set of knowledge and experience than we have.* With that belief, generally my first impulse is to try to imagine what kind of knowledge and experience the seemingly irrational person has, or doesn’t have, that would lead to their decision being rational to them… So, in this case, instead of basing the judgment of what’s rational based on my information, I look for the pieces I’m missing to suggest why my view is the irrational one.

* 99% of the time mrsidiom and our daughter have an argument, it’s because each thinks the other is being irrational, when in reality they’re both rational but misinformed.

Quite. But some people think it’s more fun to shout “Monkeybrains!”


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