Against Free Speech

I have previously posted about my opposition to free speech. On another occasion, the great A.P. Herbert had one of his judges say:

In many ponderous and ill-drafted enactments our ancestors have been careful to secure to the most repellent of the King’s subjects the common rights of free expression, so long as it takes the harmless form of venomous and enraging words. How far this is just to those of our fellows who are unhappily unable to express their indignation except by blows, it is not for us to inquire. And how far that condition of suppressed fury which follows a verbal but unactionable assault is socially more desirable than the healthy breach of the peace which follows a blow is also not within the scope of this inquiry. I mention these matters only to confuse you and to display the superior alertness of my intelligence.

So when those most repellent subjects get what they deserve, you won’t catch me bleating nonsense about freedom of speech or expression.


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