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The Most Alpha Thing I’ve Ever Seen

While I am a lowly beta/omega, my younger brother is an alpha. Our personalities were quite similar until our early teens, but at that point we diverged wildly – I am shy, anxious, introverted and kind, he is confident, aggressive, hyper-social and narcissistic. I need hardly add that beautiful women swoon all over him – and that he’s cheated on every girlfriend he’s had. The sole exception is the current one, who my mother is pressuring him to marry. In truth, she’s perfect for him – beautiful, intelligent, highly successful, outgoing and cultured. He’s more than a little taken with her – has this caused him to lose his alpha?

Today at a barbecue, my questions were answered. His girlfriend asked someone if she could have a cigarette – even though she’s supposedly given up smoking. My brother turned to her calmly and looked her straight in the eye, and said in a firm, level voice:

“You can have a cigarette if you want, but if you do, I know that later you’ll be disappointed in yourself.”

Translation: “I’ll be disappointed in you.”

She looked down, put away the cigarette, and agreed that he was right. For the record, she’s an extremely successful lawyer, and a seemingly very independent person. No matter – she melts at the threat of his disapproval. “A woman wants to be loved by the man she admires” – yes indeed.

But the other side of the story is this – without his command, she’d have smoked that cigarette. My brother is probably going to marry this girl, and he’s not going to be there every minute of the day. In the long run, she’s going to do what she wants to do. Game is a temporary plaster, but it cannot change a woman’s true nature.